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The SPM Foundation’s Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (CIPL) - A political training School, aims to usher in a new paradigm in Indian politics. It is based on the management ideas espoused by the greatest political thinker of all times – Chanakya (aka Kautilya or Vishnugupta). Based on the eternal political principles of Chanakya given in the Kautilya Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti this school will be equipping the students in the ‘Art of Thinking’ besides training them to apply modern technology and specialized management techniques in the political arena. The Institute will cater to the needs of both constituents of people- the ones wishing to pursue a career in politics and those already in it.

It is a school with no precedent and provides a professional route to enter the political field. Besides the school is a training ground for ‘Political Entrepreneurship’.



                                                Political Finishing School – The Need for it

At a conservative estimate there are over 6 lakh people in India who are directly associated with the political field at various levels. However, it has been generally noted that these people are not trained for public life and more often than not they learn the job ‘on the job’. Largely an entry into the political arena is either by default or as a family legacy.
This has meant that politics has not been able to attract the best talent and has resulted in the malaise that the political system in India today suffers from. Add to this the insecurity of not having a clear career path and job safety, makes the entire prospect of a political career bleak.
Another crucial gap is the lack of political skill development / upgradation programmes for people already active in public life. With the increasing complexity and dynamics of politics in a developing country like India, which is drawing the world’s attention today, this becomes a constraint for the growth of a robust political system.


To transform the Political system in India and establish it as a role model for the world
… Creating leaders for the future inspired by the past (ancient Wisdom)




•To provide leaders to our beloved country who will restore it to its deserving, original glory
•To provide extensively trained professionals (astute political leaders) who will uphold the highest standards in public life
•To provide trained managers and political management thoughts soaked in the ancient Indian spiritual knowledge
•Provide political professionals who can blend modern technology with the ancient spiritual wisdom
•Deliver professionals who will be an asset to any organization /political party they associate with

CIPL Value Proposition

  1. The course is based on ‘Kautilya Arthashastra’ the supreme text on ‘RajNiti’ including ‘Anveekshikee’, the art of thinking
  2. It is a specialised ‘Training School’ creating value based public ‘leaders’ & political ‘entrepreneurs’
  3. The course has been created in Knowledge partnership with ‘Mumbai University’ with access to its infrastructure
  4. It is a perfect blend of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern technology (with a Case study & Research based approach)
  5. The Teachers are leading exponents of Arthashastra, Spiritual gurus, University faculty, politicians, administrators, lawyers, economists and businessmen
  6. It is a state of the art ‘Gurukul’ with No tuition fees and ‘Merit’ as the only criterion of selection (upholding the Guru-Shishya parampara)



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